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Why retailers have turned to the K8 software

Retailers have always been among the earliest businesses to notice new developments in the economy. Such are the advantages of their ‘grass roots’ position where they are dealing with end users directly. However, although all areas of the distributive trades have been feeling the pinch amidst the current economic uncertainty, retailers can perhaps feel it slightly less sharply when they invest in system administration software such as the solution developed by Kerridge Commercial Systems.

Certainly, system administration is a key element of any all-encompassing business software, with K8’s version offering considerable functionality in the form of enhanced security for confidential and sensitive information, timed operations and even extensive options for document archiving. However, any such software should only be designed as part of a solution catering for a retailer’s wider priorities of stocking more efficiently, selling more profitably and offering a more competitive customer service.

K8 also, for example, incorporates stock management software that has been no less informed in its design by experienced distributive industry professionals. This is the part of the software that allows retailers to optimise their cash by better controlling their stock levels, keeping products available to customers but in a manner that remains firmly cost-effective. This element of the K8 solution grants easy access to information on not only current stock but also sales, purchases, replenishments and movements, all of which is vital if stock levels are to be as controlled as tightly as possible.

Another integral element of a distributive retailer’s operations is supply chain management, and it should be becoming clear at this point that effective liaison with the likes of distributors, merchants and wholesalers is as important as anything taking place solely within the retailer itself. Certainly, small one-site businesses and multi-national corporations alike need to be able to streamline their supply chain management. The highly scalable supply chain management solutions of Kerridge Commercial Systems make this possible with the integration of the right modules relating to the likes of stock and warehouse management, sales order processing and purchase order control.

The K8 solution affords management a total overview of business performance, better placing them to accurately forecast demand and keep customers satisfied today. Befitting the transformation of retailers into complex modern businesses, few do not now have an ecommerce platform of some sort, and the K8 software brings real time information to ecommerce websites so that customers have the most up-to-date information to hand as they browse.

Areas of K8 functionality like sales order processing software therefore play their part in helping retailers to adapt to emerging sales channels while also sustaining turnover and maintaining industry competitiveness. Simply contact Kerridge Commercial Systems now to find out more about the applicability of K8 to your own retail business.

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