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What is delivery management software?

What is delivery management software?

With one report suggesting that customer delivery performance expectations are higher than they were two years before, it is imperative that you provide your customers with a smooth delivery process.

One way to do this is to invest in a seamless, integrated delivery management software solution. In this blog post, we discuss what delivery management software is and how it can help your business to provide quick and reliable deliveries to your customers.

So what is delivery management software?

Put simply, delivery management software (or ePod software) connects your drivers or couriers out on the road with the staff in your back office. Having this connection means that your delivery drivers get all of the information that they need to complete a delivery, while your back office get a complete overview of individual shifts.

Advantages of ePod software include:

  • Get a complete overview of deliveries - Through the use of handheld devices, you can push delivery manifests to drivers; prompt drivers through their daily tasks enforcing compliance; receive updates on individual deliveries and much more.
  • Improved driver efficiency – Your drivers get all the information they require on their handheld devices in order to complete a drop. This reduces the chance of them missing vital information that could possibly lead to a late delivery.
  • Better tracking and recording of deliveries – The software gives you the ability to capture the date, time and location information for each individual delivery, including reasons relating to any issues such as partial or failed delivery. Having this information to hand is critical in the event that there is a dispute over invoices or the delivery itself.
  • Receive real time updates – Information from your drivers’ handheld devices can be uploaded directly to your ERP system, providing you with timely and accurate data needed for monitoring and reporting.

Being able to track goods throughout the sales and delivery process in real time is key to you being able to deliver a great customer service. Using cutting edge ePod software will help you achieve this goal and make life easier for your drivers and back office staff.

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