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Warehouse Management Software and K8

Managing your warehouse in a cost effective and efficient way is one of the key components of a successful business.

That’s why our most recent version of K8, K8 Babbage, is our most comprehensive and reliable release to date. As with our other modules, our warehouse management software, can assist you in achieving effective warehouse management.

What are the key features?

  • Deploys hand-held technology in your busy warehouse to improve efficiencies and reduce errors
  • Automates processes such as goods receipt, putaway, replenishment, stock movement, pick and stock counts (including PI checks)
  • Optimises the flow through your warehouse, ensuring operatives are guided through the task on the most efficient route
  • Better manages the capacity of your warehouse, including bulk and pick locations, and ensure accurate visibility of all inventory at all times
  • Cross dock, ensuring a fast turnaround of goods that need to be despatched to the customer when received rather than putaway to bulk storage

What can it do for your business?

K8 enables you to organise and manage your warehouse efficiently – you can allocate your goods-in, bulk storage and pickface bins to best suit your warehouse layout. The automated putaway and replenishment routines will monitor available capacity in the bins and will ensure that:

  • Workers are guided to the correct bulk bins (in the correct zone) at the point of putaway
  • Pickface bin replenishment is executed as an when the bin needs to be topped up.

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