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Trade online easily with K8 Ecommerce Software

trade online easily with k8 

Tony Pey, Head of Sales Engineering at Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), explains how using multi-channel ecommerce software that is fully integrated with your ERP system delivers a more satisfying experience for your customers and makes life easier for your staff.

Tony Pey

Many merchants who are considering installing our K8 system have already made a significant investment in a modern website and are already using it to trade online successfully. The ability to integrate a new ERP system with an existing online trading platform is therefore an understandable concern.

With this in mind, our K8 Multi Channel Ecommerce Software:

  • Easily integrates with all manner of third party solutions
  • Offers a suite of interfaces that deliver dynamic integration of live data from the core ERP system
  • Ensures orders won’t need to be re-keyed by your staff
  • Allows your customers to view live stock availability, check the current status of their account and track an order by logging in to your existing website.

Find out how our K8 Web Builder software is helping our customers

However what I believe will be the most significant benefit to merchants and their customers is how each trade account customer will be able to view their own prices and terms through the interface with K8. There’s no need to replicate any complex pricing structures on the website.

We can also help merchants who want to trade online but don’t yet have a website or maybe have one that’s ready for updating. Our K8 Website Builder software provides a pre-integrated platform on which you can build a completely new corporate website that’s set up ready for online trading - using the customer and product data held within the core ERP system.

There’ll be no need to involve third party consultants to set up the integration between your new ERP system and your new web shop - it’s already there and very quick to deploy. You only need to worry about what you’re going to sell!

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