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Track Stock Data With Builders' Merchant Software

BM stock data blog.pngBuilders merchant software enables the modern business to do much more than just track their existing stock data. It allows you to track your best and worst performing stock, manage prices, and determine growth levels. Using accurate and live data reporting you can make strategic decisions that shape and improve your organisation.

Greater stock visibility enables decision makers to view current stock levels and details. You can track those items that are performing well along with those that are underperforming so that you can increase and decrease stock purchases and inventory levels accordingly. There’s no need to spend money on products that don’t sell; instead, it is possible to invest in more profitable items that are more likely to make a sale.

Top Builders Merchant Grant & Stone Chooses K8 Software

With high quality builders merchant software from Kerridge Commercial Systems you will never have to run low on critical stock levels. Advanced stock management and replenishment facilities will alert you when stock levels reach a certain level and processes can be automated so that items are ordered and reordered when required. What’s more, our software can be integrated with your existing system so that you can enjoy total and complete control.

Builders merchant software can include Point Of Sale software, stock management, marketing, and Customer Relationship Management capabilities. The forward thinking merchant can combine all of these beneficial features into a single, powerful software suite that will not only help manage their business but improve and expand it too.

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