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Track Data with Integrated Distribution Software

Distribution businesses take many forms, from plumbing suppliers to timber merchants, but they all share a need for access to relevant data at the very core of their business performance. Without good quality data, businesses can stagnate, and they will struggle to make the most of their potential. Data can range from sales data to contract pricing, and from Point Of Sale to stock management information. By using distribution software that is fully integrated into the business, you can enjoy access to relevant and timely data when you need it.

Relationships are at the heart of every business and, for this reason, they are also at the heart of Kerridge Commercial Systems' distribution software. You can manage all interactions and communication with existing and former customers within the software. You can also track progress with prospects and leads to help ensure that you have the greatest chance of converting those leads into sales.

Having accurate data is only a part of the process. Accessing and using that data is vital to performance. Reports should use up to the minute information, and they should be accessible using your chosen format and device to make them as useful as possible. Kerridge Commercial Systems' distribution software offers all this and more.

A distribution process may be a small operation providing its services to just a handful of individuals or organisations, or it may have multiple sales channels with thousands of customers. Regardless of the size and type of distribution business you have, you should invest in good quality software to back it up.

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