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Top 5 Reasons the Distribution Industry Relies on K8 Business Software

The logistic challenges facing the distribution industry require that wholesalers, distributors, trade and retail enterprises rely on business software as an essential part of running a smooth operation. The K8 distributor software from Kerridge Commercial Systems is the industry’s preferred software solution. When we asked why K8 has become the clear market leader, 5 reasons came to the fore:

  1. Streamlined operations and improved efficiency

    The distribution industry is one with complex operations, whether in the wholesale, trade or retail sector. Every stage of the process must be streamlined in order to maximise efficiency. Doing so without sacrificing accuracy or adequate service levels can be a challenge, however this challenge can be met with the multi-functional K8 system. Its functionality ranges from point of sale software to stock management software and beyond.

  2. Reduced costs through better resource utilisation

    Lowering costs is a priority for any business, but this is a particular difficulty for the distribution industry, with its wide network of resources. The K8 business intelligence software significantly reduces costs through improved resource utilisation.

  3. Uses ‘best practice’ processes

    ‘Best practice’ is more then marketing jargon, it’s the goal of any business which wishes to continually develop and grow. In reality, best practices can be hard to roll-out, especially when current, possibly outdated, processes are culturally embedded. The K8 system operates to best practices in each of its functionalities, and as it's intuitive to use, it simplifies the adaptation of new processes.

  4. Improves revenues and increases profitability

    The ultimate goal for any company is to boost profitability. With K8 acting as overall business management software (from warehouse management software to EPOS software), revenue is maximised in every area of the business.

  5. Provides superior customer service

    If customer service is sacrificed at any point in the distribution cycle, current and prospective orders and sales could be affected. The K8 system allows businesses within the distribution industry to consistently deliver excellence to its customers through enhanced processes and a service which is improved overall.

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