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Top 20 Must-Read Manufacturing Blogs, Sites & Resources

Manufacturing - Must-read content

As a busy manufacturer, you might wonder how much time you can realistically spare to keep up to date with industry resources and blogs. After all, it’s time that could be spent elsewhere, managing the factory floor or handling other business-critical activities. However, the real question is: can you afford not to keep up to date?

Industry blogs, magazines and publications are a fantastic way to stay aware of current and future manufacturing trends, and to snoop on what your competitors are doing! Understanding that time is of the essence, I’ve cut out the middle man and curated this list of the most valuable manufacturing resources, blogs and content on the internet. Visit any of the below and get your daily fix of important manufacturing takeaways.



The Manufacturer

 The Manufacturer @TheManufacturer

The godfather of all manufacturing resources! This premier publication focuses predominantly on UK manufacturing, bringing you the very latest industry news and developments across a host of hot topics, including automation, IoT and servitization.

Must-read content: Going Forward: The top 3 opportunities manufacturing firms should explore after Brexit




Make it British

 Make It British @MakeItBritish

Make It British is the go-to source for British brands and manufacturing. The blog section of the website is full of interesting reads for your next lunch break. Read individual brand profiles for more about the best British brands, or visit the blog’s UK manufacturing section for interesting insights into the UK market.

Must-read content: What will UK manufacturing look like in the future?




The Engineer

 The Engineer @TheEngineerUK

With a strong focus on technology, The Engineer is the place to find out about advancements in parts and machinery that are changing the face of manufacturing. There’s everything from case studies to in-depth discussions around the most prominent developments in the industry.

Must-read content: Investment in digital manufacturing is essential in post-Brexit economy




Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine

 Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine @_MEM_UK

An authoritative resource for both manufacturing and engineering, MEM features coverage of specific brand achievements alongside wider industry discussions. It’s useful for gaining a view of the competitive landscape and learning about how your peers are working, which could inspire developments within your own business.

Must-read content: A company has 3D printed a house in under 24 hours!





Manufacturing.net @MnetNews

Presenting a global view of manufacturing, Manufacturing.net is a useful resource for learning about developments to key manufacturing markets, mainly in China and the USA. There are many sections of the site to explore, with highlights being the Manufacturing Minute videos, which condense a new development into just a few minutes.

Must-read content: Report: Companies must ensure ethical supply chains




Manufacturing Today

Manufacturing Today @ManufactureMag

Manufacturing Today is a worthwhile read for manufacturers thanks to its predominant focus on products. Whether you’re reconsidering your supply chain or looking for pre-product development inspiration, it’s well worth checking out this site.

Must-read content: Learning to ‘Evolve’




The Guardian

The Guardian Manufacturing @guardian

As you would expect from one of the UK’s premier news outlets, The Guardian’s dedicated manufacturing section is home to the very latest news stories impacting the industry. Most of the stories paint a UK or even EU picture of manufacturing, which is useful for gaining a greater understanding of the industry’s ever-changing landscape.

Must-read content: Britain’s aerospace sector could be priced out after Brexit.





Dubbed as the ‘voice of UK enterprise’, CBI provides an analytical and statistics-orientated view of the manufacturing industry. The insights are interesting and in-depth, going further than the typical blog post with downloadable PDFs that provide greater coverage of the most crucial industry topics.

Must-read content: Adopting the future






PwC has an industry perspectives section of their website where they examine the key issues facing specific industries right now. Their manufacturing posts cover everything from Brexit to Industry 4.0, gaining insight from influential industry figures to create an authoritative voice on the subject.

Must-read content: Industry 4.0: a CEO’s perspective






Standing for the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, SMMT represents the voice of the UK motor industry. With their ear to the ground and a strong focus on data, the manufacturing part of the site’s news section is unmissable for any automotive manufacturer.

Must-read content: British car manufacturing rebounds in July as new models hit production lines






EEF (The Manufacturer’s Organisation) @EEF_Insights ‏

EEF is the voice of manufacturers. They’re committed to researching and discussing the most prominent issues manufacturers face. Check out their in-depth industry reports or watch one of their webinars around improving staff happiness, training and overall efficiency in the workplace.

Must-read content: EEF/BDO Regional Manufacturing Outlook 2017





Electroncis Weekly

Electronics Weekly @ElectronicsNews

For those of you who are looking for specific updates about the electronics market, choose Electronics Weekly. The site’s dedicated manufacturing sector covers individual brand achievements alongside overall trends within the sector.

Must-read content: UK printable electronics firm installs first production line





Industry Week

Industry Week @IndustryWeek

Industry Week makes manufacturing’s increasing focus on technology its main focus. It covers all of the most important tech factors for manufacturers, including automation, IIoT and emerging technologies, creating an insightful resource around key industry considerations.

Must-read content: Using automation to combat the impending labour shortage





Business Weekly

Business Weekly @businessweekly

As the name suggests, Business Weekly approaches manufacturing from a business-focused angle. The content mainly covers the business success of brands, but also stays at the cutting edge of new developments within the industry.

Must-read content: Wallwork brings aircraft technology to medical implants





Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management @ManufacturingMM

For those who want to streamline how their manufacturing business operates, Works Management can help. With valuable content split across key areas of operation, including IT, Health & Safety, Finance and People, there’s plenty of food for thought with regards to how manufacturers operate.

Must-read content: Rise of the machines - the future of robotics





Production Engineering Solutions

Production Engineering Solutions @PESmediaUK

Production Engineering Solutions, or PES for short, takes a technological approach to manufacturing. The site presents a good mix of content, from product development updates to more general manufacturing trends.

Must-read content: Barometer highlights manufacturers’ hopes for EU free trade arrangement





Areospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing @AerospaceMedia

Focusing on the aviation sector as a whole, Aerospace Manufacturing covers the key developments in the production of aircrafts. News coverage is specific around brands and industry leaders, so it’s useful for checking out your competition!

Must-read content: Reaching new heights of accuracy





Manufacturing TimesManufacturing Times @MFTimes

Manufacturing Times focuses on offering actionable advice to manufacturers across a selection of priority topics, including time management, staff motivation and marketing in manufacturing. The easy-to-read articles are perfect for lunchtime meeting.

Must-read content: Why your manufacturing company needs an inbound marketing strategy





Zenoot @ZenootUK

Billing itself as a ‘single source of information to help manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce waste, improve quality and innovate processes’, Zenoot does just that. The site balances case studies and company updates with wider discussions of the manufacturing industry, making it a great all-rounder for those hoping to learn more about the industry.

Must-read content: Opinion: Schools promotion of engineering ineffective and wasteful says study




Industry Insights Blog

KCS Industry Insights @KerridgeCS

Last but by no means least is our very own  Industry Insights blog. We regularly update our blog with discussions of hot industry topics, from the supply chain to Industry 4.0 and the IIoT. We also focus on specific industries, providing targeted insights to those within the fields.

Must-read content: Industry 4.0: the current manufacturing landscape



Whether you want to tune into specific industry discussions or make improvements to how your company operates, these manufacturing blogs and resources are a great place to start. Next time you get a spare 15 minutes, give them a visit — you won’t regret it!

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