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The value of our professional services software to your business systems

The K8 software package offered by Kerridge Commercial Systems has already built a reputation for the assistance that it provides in making firms in the distributive trades more time and cost-efficient, and as a result, profitable. Flexible, customisable and comprehensive functions such as business intelligence, sales order processing and supply chain management software bring ease to staff members’ day-to-day back office responsibilities, helping them to better manage stock and customer relationships in the pursuit of overall operational performance.

Such features would seem to make the K8 software all-encompassing enough, with the business platform seamlessly incorporating a vast series of modules that cater for every element of finance, logistics, trading and management. From system administration software that keeps sensitive and confidential information secure, to financial management solutions that tighten up the efficiency of transaction processing, and even the K8 Standalone feature that keeps trading going even if the server or network goes down, distributive clients have seemingly everything that they require in one coherent and intuitive solution.

However, even the most reliable and easy to use software is greatly enhanced from the client point of view by an accompanying high standard of consultancy, training and support services. With the K8 platform having been realised by skilled and experienced business experts, it stands to reason that a company’s business systems would benefit from the continual assistance of seasoned technical and sector consultants to ensure that maximum value is extracted from such an investment. That is precisely what is offered by Kerridge Commercial Systems’ own professional services solutions.

These professional IT services take pride of place in the company’s wider range of K-Services, providing access to informed consultants who can generate ideas and give the benefit of their experience and understanding to increase the value of business systems. Project managers are able to oversee a smooth transition so that critical deadlines are met, while specific, customer-driven business solutions can also be created via extensive product development. Meanwhile, training is also offered for the staff members that need to use K8.

The professional services software offered by Kerridge Commercial Systems has been created alongside the K8 solution with the same overriding aims in mind. Ultimately, it is solutions like these, together with others in the K-Services range like cloud computing and hardware provision and maintenance, that help to increase the efficiency of a distributor, merchant, wholesaler or retailer, slashing their costs and giving them more freedom to concentrate on their core business. Visit www.kerridgecs.com today for more information.

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