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The value of K8 business intelligence software to single site businesses

Companies that are interested in a fully-integrated IT system that caters for all of the key aspects of running a business – from basic order management to sophisticated business intelligence solutions – are likely to be surprised by the suitability of the K8 system to their needs. The system comes courtesy of Kerridge Commercial Systems, and can attribute its success in a wide range of business environments to its flexible and yet all-encompassing nature.

One of the foundations of the K8 software’s success is the recognition by Kerridge Commercial Systems that in many ways, the requirements of small companies and large enterprises are one and the same. Whether a company runs from a single site or consists of multiple branches, it will still have familiar concerns such as ensuring healthy profit margins and maintaining a certain visibility of stock, as well as upholding a high standard of customer service and financial control. These requirements are more than catered for by the K8 e-commerce software, with its status as the complete trading, marketing, financial and business management IT solution.

Indeed, small companies may not always remain so, which is one reason why our K8 software has been designed with the intention of assisting a business through its many changes in priorities. Customers can make greater use of the system as and when they need to, with training resources that have been tailored to their own specific requirements. Not only does the K8 software bring increased efficiencies that can significantly boost a firm’s profits, but as a firm takes on new users, sites and branches, it is a system that can be scaled to suit.

Another advantage of a single-site business choosing the K8 business continuity software is the fact that Kerridge Commercial Systems is a well-established company with more than 30 years’ experience of providing wholesale, distribution and retail organisations with solutions and services – not to mention the high level of industry expertise that accompanies it. With a strong commitment to research and development that ensures that K8 remains at the forefront of 21st century commercial requirements, K8 customers can expect a long-term relationship with Kerridge Commercial Systems. Speaking of industry expertise, Kerridge Commercial Systems’ great experience allows it to cater for the specific business needs and processes of even the smallest, most niche firms.

Finally, the K8 sales order processing software is also incredibly affordable, with financial solutions available through specialist business partnerships that make it possible for a company to own its system outright. Or in the event that cost of ownership takes precedence over other priorities, Kerridge Commercial Systems offers an Application Service Provision (ASP) that incorporates K8 and all related maintenance and support services in one package, to be paid for on a monthly basis.

So, for a secure, long-lived, functional and cost-effective system that can be easily adapted to your particular business environment, feel free to contact Kerridge Commercial Systems (www.kerridgecs.com) about the K8 business intelligence software.

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