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The K8 distribution software system goes global

K8, the flagship product from software specialists Kerridge Commercial Systems, has been the IT platform of choice for the UK distribution sector for many years. Now K8 has gone global, with companies within the wholesale, merchant, distribution, trade and retail sectors around the world relying on the multi-country and multi-language capability of the K8 business intelligence system.

K8 boasts impressive functionality across the board, with the ability to perform just as effectively as warehouse management software as it does as point of sale software. Being able to assist throughout the entire stock/warehouse/sale/accounts cycle means that distributor companies can use just one distribution software provider, ensured of K8’s complete integration. This capability has seen K8 become as popular as timber merchant and builders merchant software as it is ubiquitous in the retail industry.

However, it’s the multi-country, multi-language and multi-currency capability of K8 which is behind the software platform’s growing international success. Both UK and overseas companies with a global reach can rely on one IT platform for all their geographical locations, streamlining the stock, sales and invoicing processes across the multi-national organisation, facilitating ease of training, and enhancing management reporting. Overall, this streamlining allows for tightened operations across the board, minimising costs, reducing debtor days and maximising efficiency and profitability.

Just as K8 has grown into a global product, so has it enabled companies to grow internationally. The scalable nature of K8 means that it can easily be adapted to suit a business’ changing demands as it expands into a multi-national operation. It’s simple to add new users, new sites, new branches, new languages and new currencies to the existing K8 system that a company has come to know. There is no need for retraining, simply a global roll-out of the enhanced functionality which the K8 system provides.

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