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The importance of the right system administration software

In the ever-changing and increasingly dynamic distributive trades, as is the case in other sectors of the economy, business software can no longer be ignored as a means of making laborious and time-consuming tasks quicker and more manageable. Moreover, system administration software is integral to the productivity and profit of a given firm, whether distributor, merchant, wholesaler or retailer, with the K8 solution provided by Kerridge Commercial Systems having long led the industry.

Distributive businesses have, in recent years, greatly increased in their complexity, challenging the traditional boundaries and making use of the most innovative supply and sales channels. In doing so, such firms are realising that they require professional IT services and software that is integrated and easy to use, as well as maximising their flexibility with regard to sourcing, stock, sales and service. They therefore require software that is powerful and versatile, allowing them to keep prices competitive and their standard of service high, while assisting with every other aspect of their operation.

Kerridge Commercial Systems realise that such businesses require flexibility, visibility and control across their whole trading businesses, provided by software that has been especially designed for them. That’s why it has designed a solution that takes into account the huge amounts of data contained in the advanced business systems of today. The result is a system administration platform that allows for the easy management of access and processing, with enhanced functionality that includes advanced permission and security levels, timed operations and extensive options for document archiving.

The K8 system administration software not only performs timed processing and backup functions, but also offers the highest level of security for confidential and sensitive information, with password-based access being enabled for appropriate staff and additional security layers able to be provided if needed. The system administration aspect of K8 is just one of the software’s many elements which, when taken together, allow distributive companies to source more effectively, stock more efficiently and sell more profitably, all while providing a service that makes the best possible impression.

For more information about the business intelligence software, financial management solutions, warehouse management systems and the various other elements that make up the K8 software, which can be tailored to the needs of small business start-ups and larger multi-national organisations alike, simply contact Kerridge Commercial Systems now at www.kerridgecs.com.

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