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The benefits of using call logging software

The benefits of using call loging software

These days across pretty much every industry, it is all about measurement. There is now a system and software package for every aspect of business. Clarity of information is essential for management and efficiency, streamlining the business to try and future-proof it, no matter what the economic outlook looks like.  

Why log calls?

The benefits of measurement for efficiencies, targets and performance are essential for knowing how the company is performing at an individual level. Each department is the proverbial cog in the machine and needs to be working to its absolute best. Call centres in particular are one of the most scrutinised departments in business; from average length of call to resolution outcome, many call centres have guidelines that prohibit anything but speedy interaction. 


Call logging under scrutiny

Interestingly, there has been a bit of a backlash against the over-measurement of what is essentially human interaction. It has taken the personal service element out of the process and some have decided that the balance needs to be re-evaluated. To this end the essential aspects of call logging software have been under some scrutiny and have been honed into required output reports that will balance the need for humanising the process with desired efficiencies.


Who benefits from service tracking software?

There aren’t many people who relish the idea of receiving a call from a call centre. However, they are essential in service-led industries to be the main point of contact for customers. This requires a degree of empathy and quick thinking to get the customer to the required outcome in the fastest possible way, ensuring more calls are answered and general levels of service are maintained. For the management of such a department it’s also essential for forecasting high volume periods where extra resources will be required. Where poor planning has been observed, and the centre hasn’t the optimum level of hands on deck, there are no winners. The service suffers, the customer suffers and ultimately the company suffers. 

Avoiding such outcomes is essential to all enterprises, making the service management software an extremely important investment. In short, the business benefits from the data, and the customers will benefit from reaching a swift resolution. 

The modular nature of products such as K8 Field Service are ideally suited to ensuring businesses track what is important to them by focussing on the modules most pertinent to their business.


What to choose?

Although the outlay for integrated ERP solutions has historically been a barrier to growth for some businesses, the modular K8 system incorporating the call logging software we have spoken of ensures that as the business grows the software reporting has suitable capacity. Each of the modules can then bolt on to ensure the future of the enterprise is forecastable and true. 

If you would like more information about our call logging software please contact us.



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