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The Benefits of Distributor Software for Business

Distributor software for business

Distribution is an integral part of any product-based business, and distributor software is a vital organisational tool to run your business successfully. Falling within logistics and supply chain management, distribution covers a product's lifecycle between manufacturing, warehousing, retail and transportation until it reaches your customer.

Whether your business has the simplest form of distribution channel or the most complicated, the most important feature of your business, and what drives its success, is the clarity of the information that tells you where your products are.

Understand your Supply Chain

Understanding supply chain management is vitally important for the health of your business. Ensuring through pack codes, serial numbers and barcodes that you know the location of any product leaving the warehouse is important to stock control, which allows you to respond to your customers' demands with timely and accurate information.

Maintaining a competitive advantage over your nearest rivals comes down to not only the product offering, but moreover to the customer experience.

When dealing with a supplier it is often the case that people will value a trustworthy, efficient service over a price differential. So although streamlining and efficiency drives your bottom line, what is required is reliability, clarity and a true understanding of your customers' needs.

Forecasting is Key

Your business margins drive price-point, and the way you achieve them drives sales. In order to maximise the opportunities provided by a differentiated user experience, your business needs understand the processes involved and provide clear forecasting of where you will be in 6 months, a year, 2 years, or even in 5 years time.

Information is the key. By tracking the data provided by distributor software across the supply chain, you can gain an insight into the cyclical motions of supply and demand, of the movement of stock through the system and what is or isn’t working. Being able to influence the logistics can create opportunities to grow your profitability while factoring in all the external influences that could squeeze the profitability of your route to market such as fuel costs, legislation, environmental issues and sustainability.

The ability to keep track of stock levels, delivery times and methods and the cost of it all ensures a failsafe system to keep your company running smoothly and efficiently.

Maximise Every Opportunity

It is no surprise that the FMCG companies maintain a tight grip on their logistics and supply chain; it is all about maximising profitability by tracking performance and efficiencies. They use purpose built modulated commercial systems designed to flex across the whole range of trading activities.

Each sector links into the next providing information on the quantities, locations, route to market, costings and overall performance evaluation. This ensures you have all the information required to see where changes and efficiencies can be made to ensure you maximise every opportunity while offering your customer the best possible purchasing experience.

We provide distributor software for business and can offer you a flexible add on services range that will help you achieve maximum success.

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