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Stock Control Software – Taking Control this New Year

Consider Your Stock Control This New Year

Have you got the ball rolling on your New Year business resolutions yet? Whether you are planning for growth or streamlining your business processes, it is essential that you have accurate and timely information systems to provide you with all the planning data you need.

Knowledge is power

Understanding your business position is essential to the planning process to take your business forward. For many sectors this begins with a stock take. Often felt to be an arduous task, it is still vital to understand whether your stock flow processes are up to scratch.

Making this laborious task easier, stock control software provides an easy view of stock availability and value, even across multiple locations. The software is designed to quickly show up any holes in the ordering and distribution system, for example sales discrepancies or over stocking at branch or central/regional levels. It doesn’t necessarily cut down the slog of counting each pallet and each bag on the shop floor and warehouse rack, however with increasingly automated and digitised systems, it can be simpler to get the paperwork sorted at the end.

Understanding the data output from the stock take should put you in good stead for pushing the business forward. Streamlining your business doesn’t always mean needing to lose staff, but repositioning headcount can also be an appropriate outcome of process updates. Rekeying of information, which was a requirement before, will now be automatically generated and place the key reporting information at your fingertips in a usable reporting format.

How we can help

Here at Kerridge Commercial Systems we support many distribution, wholesale and retail businesses with the K8 modular stock control system. Although this module works brilliantly for stock management, it is also fully compatible with the modules that cover every aspect of your business, such as sales, finance, and contract management. The K8 stock management software will keep your company fully integrated, enabling you to track, trace, predict and forecast with much greater accuracy than with cross-patched disparate systems.

Maybe your New Year business resolution should be to explore the option of a modular software package and take your business forward.

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