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Software And Tools to Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

It is crucial that businesses understand customer relationship management tools in order to secure long-term clients. With competitors acting as a constant threat to trading, it is important that you are ahead of the game when it comes to client needs.

K8 Customer Relationship Management (CRM Suite)

The K8 CRM Suite is designed to provide your company with everything it needs to manage your client base. Whether you are a retailer, reseller, trader or consumer, recording every piece of information gathered is of vital importance – from contact details to quotations.

Ideal for customer and prospect communications, the CRM Suite opens up the opportunity to review and improve service, and maintain contact whilst delivering customisable offers, campaigns and incentives. It is also a useful tool for assisting businesses in understanding and evaluating how different sales approaches affect company performance, allowing you an overview of customer purchasing patterns, which is helpful when restocking products.

Knowledge can be analysed, shared and used in understanding your business’ customers and which of your contacts are best to work with. The software enables instant access to data and prevents incomplete or duplicated customer communications.

K8 Stock Management

Created by our experts, this specialist management software allows you to optimise stock availability and control bottom line performance. Granting you full control of your inventory across your business network, K8 Stock Management provides you with complete visibility of stock holdings, and allows you to assess stock performance to any level of detail that you desire.

Through assessment and analysis of your stock, you will be able to rebalance supply and demand, purchasing and sales, movements and replenishments with ease. This fabulous tool will also allow for effective optimisation of cash flow and profit margins.

Workable for all businesses, regardless of size and industry, this software can function centrally or across multiple branches. It will allow you to track stock movements, transfers and availability immediately, with the ability to take corrective action instantly available.

K8 functions in accordance with your specifications, linking, listing and labelling products as you request, as well as holding full purchase and sale pricing information.

K8 Warehouse Management

K8 Warehouse Management is flexible and robust, with the facility to manage, control and capture every stage of stock movement within your warehouse. This will allow your business to maintain optimum stock levels, to speedily process sales orders, to control material storage, and to link warehouse management to sales order processing.

This K8 Suite works in harmony with distribution activities and is structured as a sequence of virtual and user-defined warehouse areas including 'goods in', 'cross dock', 'bulk stores' and 'pick faces', making each stage straightforward to manage.

Bin locations and units of stock can be treated as a single entity on our system, identified with a unique Licence Plate Number (LPN). This will enable you to keep up to date with the location and progress of individual units in real time. K8 can help you to achieve an extremely proficient warehouse operation and deliver the ultimate customer service.

K8 eCommerce

Our K8 eCommerce software was built to be fast, secure and convenient. At Kerridge CS, we understand that a strong internet presence is required, as well as full online trading facilities, in order to meet the maximum market reach.

K8 eCommerce is fully integrated with our dynamic ERP solutions, to help you enhance your online presence.

Our ERP software solution includes a variety of functionalities, including product information, product search, stock availability, stock ordering, order tracking and order review. Ultimately, this tool helps you to improve sales, boost profits and provide online customer service.

Interested in our Customer Relationship tools?

If you like the sound of any of our products and would like to discuss how we can help improve your business prospects, please contact Kerridge CS on: (+44) 01488 662000.

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