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How to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment and Win Back Customers

shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment can lead to major concerns for online businesses, especially when they experience them in high levels. Considering the fact that at least 50% of all carts are abandoned during the online shopping cycle, it is important that online merchants do everything in their power to ensure that customers continue with their shopping process, and complete the purchase. Here is how you can combat shopping cart abandonment and win back customers:

1. Avoid registration to complete a purchase

One of the best ways in which to scare away online shoppers is to request that they register before they complete a purchase. Not only does this prevent them from completing their purchase, but it will also prevent them from returning in the future. Instead of asking them to register, create an option that allows them to checkout as a guest, giving your regular customers the opportunities to sign in and complete their purchase, and others to simply checkout with no account. 

2. Establish trust through secure payment gateways

The knowledge of a secure payment gateway is enough to keep customers coming back due to the trust that is established. It is important to invest in a secure payment gateway to inspire trust with your customers, and potential customers. Additionally, you will need to ensure that these gateways allow for returns, refunds, and shipping refunds in the event that something goes awry. 

3. Hold the items for 48 hours

There are times when shoppers exit their window and plan on returning to complete their purchase. If you would like to retain your customers, or win new ones over, it is important to ensure that their cart does not automatically clear. Instead, ensure that you are able to hold the items for at least 48 hours, in which you can send a reminder email to help encourage them to complete the purchase.  

4. Ensure that the checkout process is seamless

One of the reasons shopping carts are abandoned is because the checkout process is too complicated, and there are too many distractions on the way. Instead of creating a convoluted checkout process for your customers, ensure that the checkout process is seamless and simple, with as few distractions as possible. This will ensure that they proceed to the checkout and pay for their purchases.

The online shopper can be fickle so it is important to win them over with a simple shopping process. Embrace simplicity and focus on the user experience to ensure that your customers complete their purchases, and return. Click HERE for more information on how our web builder module can give you a clear structure to help improve user experience.

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