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Service management software: How it can help your business to grow

Service management software: How it can help your business to grow

Every business wants to grow. Every business wants to strip out waste, and become more profitable. Every business wants to have happy and satisfied customers. And every business wants to have happy and productive employees. The key to achieving all this? In many cases, service management software.

How come? Consider the facts.

First, the growing trend for manufacturers to extend into what’s being called ‘servitization’—namely, extending their operations out into aftersales field service, and the development of new service-centric business models.

And second, the realisation that in many cases, existing aftersales field service operations aren’t performing at their best.

To the rescue, in both cases: service management software.


Service management software: better planning.

It’s well known that the use of call scheduling to plan engineers’ daily visits can make a big difference.

Commonly found as part of a service management software solution, call scheduling embraces such features as route optimisation, for instance, enabling companies to cut fuel costs and reduce vehicle wear and tear. Typically, too, call scheduling enables businesses to better match service jobs to engineers’ skill sets and specialisms.

All of which is good news, of course. But even so, it doesn’t do a huge amount to drive business growth.

Instead, consider this: the use of call scheduling within service management software creates more predictable and achievable daily schedules. Meaning that engineers turn up when the plan says that they will turn up—delivering a superior customer satisfaction experience.

When they’re on site, they’ll also have the time to build on that customer experience: not only repairing or maintaining the equipment in question, of course, but also cross-selling, upselling, and capturing valuable market intelligence.

Happier customers, selling opportunities, and better market intelligence? In short, the stage is set for business growth.


Service management software: more productive field service engineers.

What do your field service engineers do when they’re on-site at customers’ premises? Maintain and repair equipment, of course.

But what else do they do? Think for a moment or two, and it’s not difficult to conjure up a depressingly long list of tasks that detract from their core job of maintaining and repairing your customers’ equipment.

Filling in job sheets and time sheets, for example. Ordering parts. Maintaining inventory records. Updating customer details. And so on.

Yet much of that information processing duplicates data that is already known, and already in your IT system—the customer’s name, address, order number, required parts, and so on. Likewise with van-level parts inventories, and logging the parts consumed by particular jobs.

Use service management software together with a mobile tablet or laptop to handle such chores, and the result is an immediate increase in the productivity of field service engineers.

Meaning that more of their time is spent maintaining and repairing customers’ equipment, and less of their time is spent on paperwork and administration.

The result: happier, more satisfied engineers—and also engineers who are able to focus fully on the job that you really pay them to perform: maintaining and repairing equipment. All thanks to service management software.


Service management software: profit from hidden field service capacity.

Roll it all together, and the use of service management software can allow engineers to squeeze more visits out of the working day, bringing in more revenue.

And clearly, additional revenue is business growth by any definition. But more than that, earning additional revenue without a matching increase in engineer headcount delivers a profit-boosting increase in revenue per engineer.

In short, more revenue + no change in engineer numbers = more profit.

Meaning that there’s a very welcome boost to the bottom line. Again, all thanks to service management software.

Put another way, many companies find aftersales service more profitable than the business of original equipment manufacture. So with service management software, aftersales service becomes even more profitable.


Service management software: the bottom line.

Here at Kerridge Commercial Systems, service management software is something that we’re passionate about. Because we’ve seen at first hand—many, many times—the difference that it can make to our customers’ businesses.

Their businesses grow. Their businesses become more profitable. And their customers and their field service engineers are happier.

So if that sounds like a recipe for success that you’d like to hear more about, then get in touch with one of our business experts. 



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