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Revolutionise your Warehouse Management with the Powerful K8 Software

Kerridge Commercial Systems has introduced a simple and cost-effective way to revolutionise your warehouse management: with the powerful K8 software solution. Warehouse management is a vital part of the operations of any business within the distribution industry, and Kerridge Commercial Systems is proud to be assisting thousands of companies around the world by providing this groundbreaking software.

Every company within the distribution sector understands that it is, at its core, a logistics business. To ensure the sales cycle keeps turning logistically, there are many areas which must run smoothly, and one such vital area is a well-stocked warehouse.

The warehouse must be kept at optimum levels of stock, and those stock levels must be continually and accurately detailed. The stock must also be kept in good order, with logical ease of access to facilitate shipping. Every action within the warehouse – picking, receiving, returns, and so on – needs to be effectively managed if this area of the business is not to hamper others. Poor warehouse management leads to poor stock management, which means incorrect order fulfillment, low stock levels, lost customers and wasted sales.

There are a number of core ways that K8, performing both as warehouse and stock management software, is revolutionising this area of the distribution chain. This highly advanced software assists with stock and returns, shipping and receiving, put-aways, picking and pick-face replenishment.

K8 can work cross-dock and across bulk stores, be accessed on hand-held devices to facilitate efficient management throughout the warehouse space, and can be integrated into existing, third party warehouse management solutions. There is even the ability to join the K8 warehouse management software with the K8 sales order processing software, in order to seamlessly link these two areas of the supply chain.

These are just some of the numerous ways in which the highly powerful K8 software system from Kerridge Commercial Systems is revolutionising warehouse management. For further information, contact us today.

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