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The Simplicity of Reporting Dashboards

Reporting Dashboards Blog

K8 offers a suite of standard KPI’s and dashboards, tailored to meet the needs of senior management and operations. These KPI’s are available to monitor trends within the business and to ensure that performance indicators may be set and measured across the business.

Using innovative web-based technologies to display the dashboards, K8 provides the flexibility to view these key reports and KPI’s on any device that can run a modern browser.

With instant access to performance measures such as sales versus targets, aged debt profile, inventory on-hand, orders taken, supplier performance and many others, you can be sure that you stay connected to the business at all times. Reporting Dashboards provide your business with the ability to tailor and create your own KPI’s and reports that can be delivered to your users, on their Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet devices.

Data is retrieved from your K8 server in an asynchronous manner – this means that whilst the reports and KPI’s are being generated, you can continue to work as access to your session will not be restricted – you can continue to process sales orders and other tasks whilst these are being generated. Users can now add these KPI’s and reports to their homepage and have the results visible at all times, not just when they choose to run a specific report.

This approach also ensures better performance, as the load can be spread across they system. You can monitor usage and control the resources being used for these reports to ensure that your K8 system scales for use and remains highly performant.

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Simple to use, easy to deploy

The easy to use control centre enables you to quickly add the reports and KPI’s that your users need to their homepage. All of your K8 permission and security profiles apply, ensuring that users can only view data that you have authorised.

The dashboards themselves can be configured to display selected plugins (reports, Data Warehouse or KPIs). All of these can be resized and edited, with optional text added - the text size, font and colour are configurable. You can also preview the layout for smartphone, tablet and desktop, with optional landscape/portrait layout.

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