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Protecting Your Business with our Security and Continuity Solutions

It is vital that businesses defend themselves against modern technological risks.

In this day and age, a power outage or IT failure could have a dramatic impact on trading and work efficiency. Imagine if you lost your stock records, ledgers or customer database? How would you fulfil your orders if you had to resort to manual processing?

Our Business Continuity software was invented to help keep your business up and running at all times and to minimise the risk of system failure. In any unforeseen incident which may leave your premises, system, data or supporting infrastructure unavailable, Kerridge CS can prepare your company in a number of ways.

Our software covers core business applications, back office systems (e.g. MS Exchange, Citrix servers, file and print servers), E-business trading portals, Intranet/extranet/internet sites and communication systems. Therefore it protects trading operations, maximises server and network uptime and utilises the most modern technologies. It is also customisable to meet the needs of your organisation.

At Kerridge CS, we understand that these events, no matter how minor or major, can cause severe damage to trading operations. With this particular software, companies will be able to carry out critical system back ups and disaster recovery.


Our K-Cloud hosting service is run from a secure and fully managed data centre, giving our customers peace of mind that their systems are in safe hands. With our high performance network, we use diverse routes to avoid single point failure. Strategically tailored to our customer’s requirements, our robust, integrated Cloud services enable businesses to operate virtually via the Cloud environment.

With critical business systems becoming more indispensable to the fast-paced distributive trades, availability and reliability is now vital in the maintenance of a competitive advantage over competitors. Suitable for organisations of all size, from a single site to international multi-locations, K-Cloud is fully equipped to support the evolution of businesses. A true end-to-end service, it provides assurance that your business has the capacity to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year. It also offers data security, maximises service availability to support your client base, and flexibility in order to adjust the business growth and development.

K8 Offline Trading

In the event of an IT failure, companies must ensure they have a system in place to ensure trade is uninterrupted. That is where K8 Offline Trading comes in. This clever software steps in to keep transactions running whilst technical issues are resolved to prevent the loss of sales or consumers.

Fully synchronised with the K8 Trading System, this fantastic, failsafe facility is perfect for wholesalers, distributors, merchants and retailers. Regardless of your customer base, K8 is designed to provide complete support, control and visibility to companies. Providing the ultimate back up technology, K8 Offline Trading updates overnight with core product information, customer terms, credit limits and stock levels, taking over trading for the duration of any network or server failure which is encountered during business hours. With the restoration of normal service, K8 and K8 Offline Trading seamlessly update each other with no data loss and no need to re-key.

It is a standalone system that allows individual branches to continue trading as normal, even if their organisation’s central service or network connections fail.

Interested in our Security and Continuity solutions?

We will be pleased to advise how best to protect your warehouse, depots, showrooms or office from technical failure. To speak to one of our team about what we can do to help improve your system security and continuity, please contact us on: (+44) 01488 662000.

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