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Order Management is the Key to Maximised Sales

Sales are the cornerstone of any merchant, retail or distribution business. In order for sales to be processed efficiently and for profits to be maximised, order management should be a finely tuned process.

Order management is made simple with the K8 software system from Kerridge Commercial Systems, which can be scaled up or down to fit any size and scope of operation.

In an ideal world, all businesses would have a streamlined and nimble order process in place which would ensure every order was met with precision and speed, filled accurately and swiftly converted into sales. The process would then feed back into the business management system by updating the stock management levels so as to be able to efficiently begin the process once more. No orders would be missed or go unfulfilled, the customer’s order would be met speedily and effectively, and the sale would be processed with ease. The stock levels would then be replenished based on the data from that sale and the process would start afresh. Customers would be satisfied, data on stock levels for management reporting would be accurate and ongoing sales would be maximised.

In reality, this is rarely the case. There are often too many steps in the order, sales and re-stock process where mistakes can occur, either caused by human or machine error. One error in the order/sales/stock process can render the entire cycle unreliable, resulting in unfulfilled orders or insufficient stock, which can mean lost revenue.

With this in mind, Kerridge Commercial Systems designed the order management functionality within the fully integrated K8 software system. K8 enables businesses of all sizes across a number of verticals to carry out highly effective and accurate order management at speed, in order to maximise sales and increase revenue.

K8 has been designed to be intuitive to use, without the need for complicated training. All members of staff can quickly get up to speed with the multifunctionality of K8’s order management system and become part of a simplified yet improved order/sales/stock process, a process which is at the heart of profitability.

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