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Is it time to get on-line?

It's time to get on line

Tony Pey, Head of Sales Engineering at Kerridge Commercial Systems, explains the benefits of using eCommerce.


Tony Pey


You may have heard that introducing eCommerce is one of the most profitable changes you can make to your business. And, that your new ‘virtual’ branch will soon be generating valuable incremental sales, increasing your turnover and delivering a 24/7 service to your customers.

But where do you start? Do you just put all your best selling products on a website, add a shopping basket and wait for the orders to roll in? Well, not exactly! There’s a lot to think about before you even get to the development stage - and we’re the people who can warn you of the pitfalls and help start you off on your journey to a successful, profitable web presence.

We have many years of experience in helping our customers develop their on-line sales strategy including:

  • Uploading your product data quickly and easily using web friendly data provided by your supplier
  • Providing a customer portal for each of your customers where they can see their own prices, make payments and manage their account on-line
  • Meeting today’s customer expectations with ‘branch’ that’s open 24/7
  • Enabling customers to order tools and materials during the evening for collection the next day

Whether you’re ready to trade on-line but don’t yet have a website, or you have an existing system that’s ready for updating, speak to us and find out how easy on-line trading can be using K8 software.

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