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New year, new field service software

New Year - New Field software

Limping along with out-of-date field service software? And field service software that (despite its cost) seems ill-matched to your business requirements? If so, it doesn’t have to be that way. It's a new year, so why not invest in a new field service software system?

And not just any old field service software system. The best field service software system.

What to look for? Here’s our take on identifying the best software for your business.


The best field service software: right for your business

It’s a fact: not all field service software is equal, and not all field service software will be right for your business.

So don’t settle for bland assurances. And—especially—don’t assume that you’re irrevocably locked into the software offering from your existing provider.

The best software for your business will involve drawing up a demanding list of present and probable future requirements, and rigorously comparing those with providers’ offerings.

So why reduce your ROI by selecting anything less?


The best field service software: rich in features

Field service is demanding and complex, involving meeting demanding levels of customer service while balancing complex challenges in terms of engineer utilisation, route optimisation, mobile technology integration, workflow, and inventory management.

So clearly, the best field service software for your business will be a solution that is rich in these and other features.

But more than that, the best software solution will also make these features easy to learn and use, easy to tailor to a business’s individual requirements, and easy to integrate with existing workflows and practices.

Otherwise, frankly, it’s not the best field service software—and it won’t deliver the ROI that you demand.


The best field service software: the right provider

Clearly, selecting the best field service software raises the bar. In short, not just any provider will do. Your business deserves the best—so take the time to find, and evaluate, the best.

Here at Kerridge Commercial Systems we design and author our own software, in-house. The result: a valuable two-way dialogue that helps us to deliver cutting-edge field service software.

First, Kerridge Commercial Systems customers are dealing directly with the people who actually design and develop the software that they use, rather than dealing with a reseller. This helps us to truly understand your business processes in detail, and ensure that you are using the system to the fullest capacity—maximising your ROI.

And second, the close direct links between Kerridge Commercial Systems and our field service customers helps us to keep ahead of the curve in terms of not just meeting, but anticipating, customers’ needs. So our field service software remains at the forefront in terms of its feature set and capabilities.


The best field service software: get in touch

So if you find yourself looking for the best software, take a look at what Kerridge Commercial Systems has to offer and get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you.


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