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Multiple admission levels enhance functionality of K8 KPI workplace

Powerful Business Intelligence

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential metrics for evaluating employee, branch or regional performance, but they also apply to stock and warehouse levels, sales orders commitments and a whole host of other operational areas. Assessing KPIs has never been easier thanks to the K8 business intelligence software from Kerridge Commercial Systems, and its multiple admission levels provide it with even greater functionality.

For KPIs to be useful they have to be accurate, consistent and ongoing metric comparisons based on the most in-depth data available. The K8 software system makes all of this simple with its KPI business intelligence workplace. A vast wealth of information is easily accessible, whether the company is a single branch or a multi national. All of this valuable KPI data can be accessed in the same format, something which is essential for larger companies with multiple locations, and is invaluable in making data-led decisions on a daily basis.

The multiple admission levels of the K8 KPI workplace gives it even more advanced capabilities. The priority controlled level of visibility allows for an entire organisation’s vital KPI data to be held within one software platform and in one format while restricting access on an admission level basis. The following summarises the main view types and capabilities within the K8 business intelligence and KPI platform:

Managing Director View

Managing Directors gain a holistic view of performance across multiple departments, while also being able to drill down into detailed data. This provides an invaluable overview of operations while the reporting functions enable analysis of sales, order book and stock information. The view can be changed to display sales figures, margin and refund/credit information along with warehouse sales and stock data.

Management View

The Management View allows for KPIs to be displayed at various company structure levels, making it easy for Managers to quickly compare and assess performance standards. The view can be switched between Sales, Stock and Supplier, giving easy access to sales figures, stock levels, and supplier performance information.

Finance Director View

The Finance Director can view Company Performance data including sales versus budget, margin versus budget and cash levels across multiple accounts. The Creditors view enables data analysis of creditor value and purchase order commitment levels, as well as the latest Top 5 creditors based on spend. The Debtors view provides similar information on debtors as well as important data on cash collection, invoice credits and credit notes. As with all other access levels, all data is easily converted into business intelligence reporting, thanks to the enhanced functionality of the K8 system.

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