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eCommerce with your customers – why you should be thinking of mobile first?

eCommerce with your customers

Did you know that in 2016, mobile devices such as Smartphones overtook PCs as the most popular device for surfing the net, and more search is carried out on Smartphones than on any other device?  We all vastly underestimate how much time we spend on our mobile devices (phones and tablets), sometimes by as much as 30%. In 2017, mobiles will be used to consume more content than televisions.

At Kerridge Commercial Systems, we recognised this shift in the use of technology for surfing the net and began to design and develop “Mobile First” for the web. More and more purchases are made, and content consumed, via mobile devices than ever before. This is widely predicted to increase and we want our customers to be ready to embrace the exciting challenges ahead!

When you combine this change with different demographics, that have to be targeted on more than just their age, it presents a challenge when moving to online commerce.

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Digital Natives, Millenials – you have heard these terms, what do they mean?

Mobile engagement is crucial for picking up younger customers. Those born after 1994 are known as Digital Natives (or Millenials) and not only have they grown up with technology, they’ve grown up with instant information and a more inclusive social structure.

This means that you’re going to need a few Digital Natives in your business to make sure you stay relevant.

How do you ensure your business remains relevant?

Relevance is crucial, retailers such as Blockbuster and Woolworths got this very wrong, and we often wonder if perhaps other well known High Street brands might be next. So what happened? The answer is that they did not adopt new generations of customers, they didn’t move with the changing consumer behaviour quickly enough.

Knowing the differences between your customers is key part of relevancy, Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne are the same age – would you treat them the same? Would they buy in the same way as each other? Would their interests be the same? Profiling and segmentation is one of the main ways to address this challenge – you will know whether or not your digital strategy is working, you can adjust your strategy to incorporate mobile to help.

Consumers want more and more to interact while on the go, on their mobile devices. Retailers that are successfully navigating this and enabling flexible, convenient customer journeys (across all devices and instore) are seeing results. For example, 79% of Screwfix’s business is now click and collect – demonstrating this is what consumers and trade customers want.

Is your website up to scratch?

The issue is that most websites don’t measure up to mobile, 79% of consumers say that sites are too slow to load on mobile and the format is too difficult to read. 45% say that the sites don’t function as expected on mobile, a sure way to lose people during the purchase process.

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