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Manufacturing Resource Planning Software – A Guide to MRP Systems

A guide to MRP

As a manufacturing business grows and evolves, companies often find that the systems used to track their processes are no longer adequate for the job. The next step to ensure there are no operational issues must surely be a form of ERP software that can hang all the disparate solutions previously used, together into a cohesive and usable format.

What is MRP?

Manufacturing Resource Planning Software effectively plans all the resources of a manufacturing company. It’s essential in keeping the manufacturing process aligned – from the procurement of components to the delivery of an end product. Any inefficiency will be highlighted by the reporting structure that the MRP software provides, enabling management to make evidence-based decisions on spend and cycle management. 


K8 Manufacturing Modular MRP 

The beauty of a modular MRP solution, such as K8 Manufacturing, is that for a growing manufacturing business of any size – there is an element that will benefit you. Depending on budget, you can choose any system, from inventory control, through to resource planning, accounting, estimating and also MRP. A full suite will ensure cohesion of reporting and will be able to draw data from a myriad of functions to benefit decision-making. However, the individual components are designed to benefit your individual business.


A move away from single fixed location in-put point at any given facility toward mobile handset input of data has certainly moved the functionality of MRP systems forward. The input of bar codes for pallet recognition can use mobile scanning technology which eliminates user transfer error, and makes the logging of inventory much easier. Although, progress from in-house systems to cloud-based MRP systems have been slower in uptake, there are more and more options coming to market driving prices down and making it less costly to implement. 

The return on investment for manufacturing resource planning software is certainly something every budget planning chief will need to consider. The money that can be saved by introducing this software will come from reducing inventory, reducing production costs, and highlighting inefficiencies through the process right through to delivery to customers. This should certainly pique the interest of bottom-line conscious directors. 



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