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Manufacturers, why aren’t you using cloud computing?

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Change isn’t for everyone. In long-standing businesses who have enjoyed many years of success becoming masters of their trade, there is a reluctance to move away from familiar ways of working and embrace new systems. The rationale is, if it’s worked for us for this long, why would it stop now?

The reality is that manufacturing moves quickly — just look at the Internet of Things for example. Just a few years ago, it’s seemed a long way off. Nowadays, we take advantage of this advanced technology to refine efficiencies and capture business-critical data on a daily basis.

The incredible pace of the industry illustrates how standing still is not an option. So, for those manufacturers who haven’t yet adopted cloud computing, I examine the reasons why they haven’t and potentially, why they should.


“The security risks are too high”

Being a relatively new development, it’s understandable that manufacturers have questions around the levels of security the cloud provides. Just like you wouldn’t store your cash in an unlocked safe, you want to know your business-critical data is safely tucked away.

Many people think that because their data is stored off-premises, it’s naturally less secure than what it would be if it was kept locally. However, a study by Scalar has found that almost 90% of security issues are actually a result of problems with in-house processes rather than the cloud itself.

So where has this belief that the cloud is insecure come from? As with any new development, issues can arise. Given the newness of the cloud, security issues were amplified, giving rise to the mentality that the cloud is to be avoided. However, the evolution of the cloud’s security is actually a blessing—its development has actually been a learning curve. Learning from past mistakes, continued developments have seen security increase significantly.

Within a manufacturing business, IT is one department; for cloud providers, it’s the only department. Unlike manufacturers who have to source industry experts and bring the burden of IT security in-house, it’s second nature for cloud providers.


Cloud Computing


“A new technology will be around soon. It’s not worth investing”

As the huge utilisation figures around cloud computing proves, an increasing number of manufacturers are harnessing the power of the cloud. While other developments are nothing short of fads, it’s clear that the cloud is here to stay.

The beauty of using software as a service (SaaS) is the pressure it eases on you as a user. Keeping software up-to-date is important not only from a security perspective, but to ensure you’re at the cutting edge of your industry. If your software isn’t up to scratch and your standards are slipping, you hand over an edge to your competitors.

By using the cloud, manufacturers have all of the advantages of cloud software without the responsibility. This means that updates are carried out automatically. For those of us who regularly click ‘remind me later’, this is a blessing.

The possibilities offered by the cloud are numerous and are developing rapidly. As we learn more about the cloud’s potential, it’s clear that it’s fast becoming the foundation of how our businesses operate.


The possibilities offered by the cloud are numerous


“The costs are too high”

When new technology emerges to the market, the natural association is that new equals expensive. However, as cloud software has proven time and time again, the cost-savings are in-fact generous.

As a form of SaaS, the cost of expensive software upgrades, expensive hardware and product licenses are eliminated, giving you more available cash to invest across your business. Likewise, a third party takes the IT management aspect from your businesses, reducing the need for specialist IT skills.

One survey found that cloud-based manufacturing software can actually reduce costs by up to 54%, refuting any pre-existing views about costs.

Whether it’s reducing the need for highly skilled team members or improving operational savings across your business, the cloud presents numerous ways for manufacturers to enjoy greater efficiencies across their business.


At Kerridge Commercial Systems, we’re proud to bring you K-Cloud, our very own cloud computing service. Helping you outsource your business’ key infrastructure to a safe, reliable and cost-efficient platform, we provide the support your business needs to grow and succeed. To find out more, arrange a demo today.


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