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Manage Sales with Electrical Wholesaler Software

The electrical wholesaler software developed by Kerridge Commercial Systems is an advanced software suite that combines many functions to offer a complete package. It can be used to manage customer relations and stock levels. It can also be used to process and track orders, and ensure that your business is making the most of every single sale. The data is available via an advanced reporting system using up to the minute information, and can be used to drive strategic business decisions and improve profits.

If your wholesale business has multiple sales channels then our electrical wholesaler software will manage all of these channels in a single, central location. It can be used as a Point Of Sale system, and integrate with your website and online catalogue if needed. Not only does this allow you to track the performance of your different channels, but it also allows for stock levels to be updated live according to exactly what has been sold and exactly what is available. You never need to run out of stock again, or delay delivery once a purchase has been made.

Tracking sales figures enables you to optimise your business process and strategy too. Develop cross promotional advertising, encourage customers to come back and shop again, and even set up contract pricing arrangements to encourage trade account usage thanks to the advanced suite of tools, reports, and features that are included as part of the advanced and highly functional Kerridge Commercial Systems wholesaler software.

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