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Manage Contract Pricing With Plumbers Merchant Software

Whether you sell products or services, and whether you supply directly to end consumers or to other business, you may offer contract pricing. For example, if you have a business that offers bathroom supplies to home renovators as well as directly to the public, then you may offer different prices to these different groups. Furthermore, you may choose to offer additional and increased discounts for those trade accounts that buy more regularly. With our plumbers merchant software it is possible to accurately manage, monitor, and change contract pricing details while using pricing information to further drive strategic decisions.

Contract pricing is commonplace but it is not without its challenges. If you have dozens or hundreds of clients then it can prove challenging to keep on top of the different price levels that you offer. Keeping a spreadsheet or a ledger is more reliable than continuously checking back on previous invoices, but the information and data provided is limited.

The plumbers merchant software offered by Kerridge Commercial Systems not only enables you to manage contract pricing levels, but it integrates with other software and systems within your business.

Plumbers software can offer a range of functions. It can identify customers as well as the products they purchase, track their spend levels, and update contract pricing details according to these figures. The software can be integrated with Point Of Sale software and other systems to ensure complete transparency and valuable data reporting for your team.

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