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Make your new year's resolutions sustainable with K8

Make your new year's resolutions sustainable with K8

Sustainability: it became the topic of 2021 and is set to continue in 2022, as it is a subject the industry has embraced. We recognise that it doesn’t have to be a choice between being profitable or sustainable, we believe they go hand in hand. Marginal gains taken now can make a real difference and investing in technology is a simple way to start the sustainable journey.

How can your business be more sustainable in 2022?

  1. Switch off unnecessary equipment

    Switch off servers and the air con needed to cool them by making the switch to the Cloud. This means there is no server on site, no carbon footprint of the person who travelled to site to install it and maintain it or inefficient use of power for air-conditioning, just for a machine and you get the added benefits of data security, resilience, business continuity etc.

  2. Prioritise purchasing from sustainable suppliers

    Does your ERP have processes and controls that can also ensure things like wood products are being sourced from FSC certified suppliers only? This is important because it means that you have control over the products that you are buying and from whom, you can be assured of their sustainable credentials before adding them to your approved list for purchase. This is a simple process that easily enforces your corporate governance sustainability policy.

  3. Go paper free

    Are your picking slips, invoices/receipts, manifests, and delivery notes all printed on paper? Printing 1 page generates 6 grams of CO2. As such if an average site generates 85,000 piece of paper on the delivery process every year, that equates to 0.5 tons of CO2 per year per branch in printing alone for the delivery process. Also at £0.06 per sheet this equates to a paper & printing cost of £6.8K a year for an average merchant site.

  4. Take the technology to the job

    Technology brings considerable efficiency savings across your business. Using K8’s suite of mobile apps, a picker can scan the items from their bin and then place the items onto the pallet for delivery. The pick is automatically confirmed there and then – no further intervention, no paper, and accurate picking. The manifest for a driver can be electronically uploaded to a smart device and checked. On delivery the driver can then use the ‘sign on glass’ feature and take a photo as evidence as relevant. All these details will be immediately electronically uploaded to K8 upon completion of the delivery, capturing full proof of delivery with no paper involved. These transactions have 2 major benefits: 1) they are minimising the amount of resources consumed – paper, ink, energy; 2) the transaction is immediately up to date in K8 when the sub-task has been actioned, no additional effort required, no costly filing and storage. Hence efficiency, hence greater profitability.

  5. Look at new areas for collaborations

    Much has been said about the urgency required to become more sustainable and many businesses are looking at long-term trajectories to create entirely new ways of doing business. However it is important to remember that marginal gains taken now can make a real difference, and investing in technology is a simple way to start your sustainable journey.

At KCS, we are determined to remain ahead of the curve and prepare to launch more tools, technologies and products to help you stay ahead of the competition, be more profitable and embrace becoming more sustainable.

Get in contact to find out more about K8 and how our products can help your business become more sustainable in 2022.

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