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Make the most of your Supply Chain Management Software

Fill in the missing links of your supply chain with K8

Supply chain management is an integral part of any successful distributive trade organisation. It covers everything from ordering materials, creation of goods, and their delivery. An effective supply chain management solution can improve your customer service, reduce labour and overhead costs, and minimise shipping delays.

Kerridge CS is the industry leader in fully integrated trading and management solutions for the distributive trades. Our award winning K8 supply chain management software helps you source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably, and service completely. It comprises of a number of integrated supply chain management modules and applications to increase your business’s efficiency.

What can the K8 system do for you?

The K8 supply chain management system is fully scalable to your business whether you’re a small one site business or a multi-national corporation with a number of different branches. It’s a one size fits all system.

Our software monitors the day to day flow of goods and materials up and down the supply chain. It enables suppliers, warehouses and distribution centres to successfully work together to ensure the product is delivered to the right location at the right time. It provides up to the minute business data and allows you to create a range of customisable reports to help you make informed business decisions fast. You can keep tabs on every aspect of the supply chain and ensure there are no missing links!

Our software helps our customers grow…

With K8 supply chain management software, you can trade 24 hours a day 7 days a week, without comprising on quality and customer satisfaction. Wanzl, a leading manufacturer in retail solutions, were able to meet their target of creating a 24/7 channel to serve 13,000 convenience stores. Having real time product information and integrated transaction processing was vital for fulfilling this goal.

Our system provides up to the minute stock information and enables you to quickly create and amend quotations. Because of this, Nottage Joinery were able to gain a competitive edge over rival companies. With K8 in place, they now have more accurate counter transactions, can keep tabs on what they have in stock, and manage what is being returned more efficiently. Staff are now able to trade in order to secure business and quotations can be quickly produced and amended as needed. In the bespoke joinery industry, timing and pricing are critical, the up to the minute data provided by the K8 system has enabled Nottage Joinery to secure more business and speed up the sales process.

K8 supply chain management software, allows you to automate warehouse processes, control stocking rules and increase warehouse management functionality. Integrating K8 supply chain management system has resulted in a highly effective and efficient logistics solution for Bathstore UK. Each of Bathstore’s warehouses has a specific function e.g. replenishment, main stock and supply and satellite functions. Our fully adaptable system was able to monitor these different functions and implement a fully traceable vehicle manifest that automatically checks vehicle capacity and that cleared funds are available against the goods due to be picked. After installing K8 management software in January, Bathstore UK achieved a new record for their January sales.

Can we help your business?

Our ERP software is designed to help you get closer to your customers, build profits and manage your margins. From your sales team to your back office, K8 has been developed to improve the day-to-day performance of your team. For more information and to see how Kerridge CS can help you do business, your way – get in touch.

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