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Kerridge Commercial Systems: Software Solutions for Multiple Verticals

Kerridge Commercial Systems is in the business of supplying real-world software solutions. These solutions help a wide range of businesses achieve efficiency and profitability while facing the every-day challenges of running their organisation. Kerridge Commercial Systems provides software solutions for multiple verticals, offering small business software, distributor software, and much more.

K8, Kerridge Commercial Systems’ flagship product, is on one level universally applicable to all businesses, functioning as it does as point of sale software and assisting with order management, for instance. However, it is also fully scalable, which allows it to be suitable for business across a number of vertical markets. The Kerridge Commercial Systems’ client base is, therefore, highly varied - from huge multi-national organisations to mid-size multi-branch companies, all the way down to single site operations and small start-up businesses.

While the K8 software system helps with those issues facing all organisations, regardless of their size or function (such as processing sales accurately and swiftly and re-stocking effectively and efficiently), Kerridge Commercial Systems understands that each business will have its own ‘Achilles Heel’: an area that poses the most potential problems and where mistakes could prove to be most costly. That is why K8 has been designed to be a fully-integrated trading, marketing, financial and business management system with scalable functionality. Clients, with the full and ongoing help and support from the Kerridge Commercial Systems’ team, can adapt the K8 system to their own business environment.

It is in this way, that Kerridge Commercial Systems’ K8 business management software is helping more businesses, across more sectors, meet their individual business goals. For further information, visit www.kerridgecs.com.

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