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K8 WMS Software: Warehouse Management Made Easy

For any business which requires warehouse facilities, effective warehouse management is a vital part of a successful supply chain process. Efficient storage and movement of stock within, to and from the warehouse enables a business to keep optimum stock levels and process sales orders speedily and accurately. All of this is highly difficult to achieve without a software solution to aid each part of the process. The K8 Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Kerridge Commercial Systems is the market leading software solution to the challenges of effective warehouse management.

There are a great many factors to take into account when tackling stock management in a large warehouse, including the receipt and organisation of new stock and returns, organising put-aways and pick-face replenishment, and the swift and accurate fulfillment of sales orders. If any of these factors are neglected, the warehouse can quickly become disorganised, leading to lost time, lost stock, lost orders and lost revenue. Little wonder, then, that demand is high for software solutions which help with the sizeable task of warehouse management.

Kerridge Commercial Systems has specifically designed the K8 Warehouse Management System (WMS) to tackle the issues central to the smooth running of a warehouse. The K8 WMS software provides a comprehensive range of computerised procedures to streamline all areas of warehouse management. It can assist with in-bound and out-bound shipping, the receipt of stock and returns, organising the physical storage of stock, and facilitating accurate order management by linking to the K8 Sales Order Processing package. The K8 WMS comes with hand-held devices for mobile warehouse management and it can be fully integrated into third-party WMS solutions.

Discover how the K8 Warehouse Management System from Kerridge Commercial Systems can maximise efficiency in your warehouse at www.kerridgecs.com.

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