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K8 Standalone ensures uninterrupted offline trading

With the Internet having long occupied a prime position in a wide range of industry sectors, the wholesalers, distributors, merchants and retailers that make up the distributive trades now depend heavily on their servers and networks remaining constantly operational. There are many horror stories about business owners having lost their life’s work as a result of an outage caused by unforeseen events, so some kind of provision for this ought to be a major consideration when one is on the lookout for professional IT services.

Thankfully, the specialist K8 software offers precisely the kind of functionality that is relevant to such circumstances. While there are few questions about the power, versatility and cost-effectiveness of the K8 sales order processing software, which allows for faster and more accurate sales processing in a busy trading environment, Kerridge’s highly experienced and knowledgeable experts have also created an offline trading solution. Called K8 Standalone, this software allows a company to continue trading even if server connections fail, and is completely synchronized with K8 Sales Order Processing.

An organisation’s server or network unexpectedly going down brings with it several key dangers. One of those is the chance of business critical data being lost, which is why K8 Standalone has been designed to both keep data safe and catch up on reconnection. An outage also raises the possibility of an organisation having to let down its customers, with the accompanying risk of losing repeat business. K8 Standalone has been designed to remove this risk, by putting everything in place to ensure continued incoming sales and revenues.

The business continuity solutions of Kerridge Commercial Systems are not restricted to the K8 software, however, with the company’s K-Services arm having made use of its own extensive specialist expertise and advanced technologies to provide appropriate software that keeps businesses up and running in the event of an unforeseen incident. Such incidents can imperil a company’s premises, data, systems or supporting infrastructure, but the business continuity software of Kerridge protects trading operations from systems failure, maximises server and network uptime and even offers suitable alternative solutions, if required.

Such a combination of services and expertise ensures that clients of the system administration software provided by Kerridge Commercial Systems are fully covered for even the most adverse circumstances. It means that they can continue, in confidence, to make the most of the K8 software’s other product features to boost operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and profits.

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