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K8 software coherently links together a wide range of features

Profitability and efficiency have always been focal points for organisations across the UK and the world, which in recent times has moved many to consider the benefits of software applications that can bring previously unheard-of ease to vital business tasks. There are many areas of functionality that business owners have sought to improve using system administration software. If there has been one persistent issue, it has been keeping track of all of the options available.

This is a problem of the past, however, for those firms that have invested in the K8 business software provided by Kerridge Commercial Systems. That’s because, for wholesalers, distributors, merchants and retailers in the distributive trades, there really is no software solution that encompasses more areas of vital functionality, from business intelligence and stock management to ecommerce, CRM and offline trading. Each of these core activities has a module devoted to it as part of a solution that has been built around the client’s exact requirements.

It is the seamless integration of each of these modules into one business platform that has won the K8 software particular acclaim, especially among distributive firms that appreciate how it has been designed with this business sector’s common day-to-day tasks in mind. There are many sales and office functions that can be best dealt with by dedicated software, such as stock management software that allows clients to maintain high availability for customers while still optimising their own cash. This particular module, like much of K8, helps to boost both cost-cutting and customer satisfaction.

Another frequently-specified K8 module is the supply chain management software. All distributive firms need to manage their supply chain, and the solutions provided by Kerridge Commercial Systems make it easier to integrate and streamline this process. It is also highly scalable software, which helps to future proof small, one-site businesses and complex multinational organisations alike. K8 also incorporates the right warehouse management software for controlling the movement and storage of goods and materials, with every stage able to be captured.

Whatever aspects of finance, trading, management and logistics that distributive companies would like their chosen business software to cater for, the K8 solution can cost-effectively cover them. The solution is not only easy to install and use, but can also be assimilated into a company’s existing operations with relatively little fuss. Kerridge Commercial Systems even offers consultancy, training and support services to help its customers extract even greater value from their K8 sales order processing software.

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