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K8: providing real world solutions to the challenges of the modern business

Whether in the distribution, merchant, wholesale or retail trade, the modern business faces the same set of particular challenges. Having identified these challenges, leading specialist software provider Kerridge Commercial Systems has designed real world solutions with its highly advanced K8 system.

Strategic decision-making

Performance in the modern business world is all about strategic thinking, but strategic decision-making is only effective if the foundation strategy is based on accurate and up-to-date data. When the information is as important as profit margins, best-selling products, sales performance and demand levels, only real-time data is of use. K8 business intelligence software facilitates fast and accurate business decisions through easily accessible, immediate data. K8’s financial management solutions allow this data to be incorporated with accounts, while K8 Mobile delivers all this information to your smart phone, laptop or tablet.

Growth management

Modern businesses must evolve or die, but growth can be a risky thing. In order to minimise the risk and effectively manage the growth, you need complete control over all business streams. Rely on K8 web builder software to secure growth with reliable IT systems which support new market opportunities. Look to K8 warehouse management software to tightly control inventory, replenishment, dispatch and delivery. Utilise K8 Financials to help you adapt to the new needs of a growing business.

Cash and margin control

Cash and margin control is all about attention to detail, ensuring costs are kept in check, margins are correct, stock levels are healthy and accounts are paid quickly. K8 purchase order control software allows for accurate forecasting. K8 supply chain management software keeps control of stock, warehousing and delivery, while K8 sales order processing software facilitates fast and accurate quotations, transactions and payments.

Customer relationships

Modern businesses ignore ongoing customer relationships at their peril. Keep your customers happy at all times and you keep them away from your competitors. K8 offers CRM solutions which deliver essential customer data for targeted sales and marketing. K8 warehouse and stock management software gets the right products to the right customers, on time. K8 Ecommerce offers fast, secure and convenient trading for both you and your customers.

Security and continuity

Even if all of the other challenges are being managed effectively, a simple power outage or IT failure can still threaten the modern business. That is why K8 business continuity software provides critical systems backup and disaster recovery for major incidents. Meanwhile, K-Cloud enables you to operate virtually, securely and flexibly, and Offline Trading allows your branches to continue trading even during server malfunction or failed network connections.

Kerridge Commercial Systems is excited to be able to deliver such far-reaching solutions to the challenges facing businesses today. Find out more about the company and its flagship K8 system at www.kerridgecs.com.

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