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K8: Much more than distribution software

Kerridge Commercial Systems has been assisting the international distribution sector for many years with the provision of integrated software solutions. Its flagship product is K8, business intelligence software which has found particular success as builders, plumbers and timber merchant software. K8 is much more than distribution software, however, as companies around the world rely on it during every step of the business cycle.

The varied functionality of the K8 system is behind its business intelligence capability. Use K8 as warehouse management software and your company can ensure this vital foundation of the supply chain is organised. As stock management software, K8 helps companies avoid holding too much costly stock, while always being able to fulfil customer orders. Leverage K8 as distributor software, as it is arguably best known for within the industry, and the entire supply chain is streamlined.

The point of sale is another area where K8 can assist, acting as highly advanced EPOS software and enhancing the customer experience. Finally, K8 helps all levels of management to analyse essential business data and utilise it in its advanced reporting tools. Acting as business intelligence software, K8 can provide management with a greater insight into both individual areas of the business and an overview of the organisation as a whole.

Kerridge Commercial Systems continues to develop the K8 system, always building on its impressive functionality with every new version released. Every version of K8 is designed to be inherently intuitive to use, but Kerridge Commercial Systems also ensures that a training team is always on hand to answer any questions that may arise.

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