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K8 Enables Faster Sales and More Effective Stock Management

Modern ERP software for forward thinking businesses

K8, the flagship product from Kerridge Commercial Systems, provides integrated software solutions for trade and retail merchants, wholesalers and distributors. K8 is highly advanced while being easy to use, and helps businesses save time and money while providing outstanding customer service. K8 is a comprehensive business support system, but here we specifically look at how K8 provides superior order, point of sale and stock management functions.

Effective Stock Control

Order management and stock management are vital processes for any company. Without a smooth purchase order control system and stock management process, businesses run the risk of not being able to fulfill orders correctly, or indeed at all, or of holding excessive stock. Accurate stock control enables a business, whether trade or retail to the public, to react nimbly to purchase orders; to speedily fill that order and replace that stock. Get this side of the business right and you not only drive sales, you offer an enhanced customer experience, encouraging repeat business. When it comes to purchase order control, the K8 system provides complete control over orders, movement and stock, and even has the ability to fully automate the purchase order system if required. K8 is a fully scalable product, making it just as ideal for a small business as it is for a multi-branch organisation. The stock and order management function is also completely integrated into K8’s accounts function. Considering the potential loss of revenue if a company were unable to fulfill orders, and the huge cost of stock holding, order and stock management is one of the K8 system’s most important functions for any business.

Faster Sales Order Proccessing

Sales order processing is at the ‘coalface’ of any business, because the point of sale (whether over the counter or over the telephone) is one of the main points of direct contact with the customer. Speed, accuracy and professionalism are essential, all areas where the K8 point of sale software excels. EPOS, or electronic point of sale software, assists businesses by speeding up the sales process while ensuring complete accuracy. With the K8 system, identifying the right product is quick and simple using a number of different search methods, cash sales can be processed in just a couple of key strokes, and account customers are speedily and accurately identified. The K8 Sales order processing screen brings a wealth of information to users’ fingertips, enabling them to perform the sales order process with unmatched speed, accuracy and efficiency.

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