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K8 as stock management software

The K8 software offered by Kerridge Commercial Systems has long proved integral in revolutionising the operation of many different kinds of businesses, including plumbers, industrial merchants, builders and small companies. However, it is in many ways the stock management applications of K8 that have truly won it renown amongst organisations large and small.

The distributive trades depend heavily on high levels of efficiency, especially given the currently challenging economic conditions and heightened market competitiveness, not to mention the difficult logistics that have always been present. Smooth operations are a must, and the distribution sector is one of the most complicated of all. In the search for efficiency, it is improvements in a firm’s stock and warehouse management that often seem to bring the best results.

In order to appreciate precisely why this is the case, one must understand the perennial tightrope act that is stock control. The process of evaluating how much stock has been used and when more must be ordered is one that depends on accurate stock taking, and customers will not be happy unless the products that they demand at a given time are always available. However, it is equally vital to avoid causing cash-flow problems by buying in too much stock. Getting the process right can ensure a company’s sound financial health, as characterised by safe, continuous growth.

Stock management software helps a company to maintain the right balance by continually and instantly calculating its stock levels, removing the need to manually find and count stock. If employees need to find a particular product, they can simply use the software to look up where it is stored, which streamlines the whole stock and warehouse management process. The K8 software allows businesses to control and manage stock at central, regional and branch levels, and to track the movement of stock through the warehouse.

The K8 software not only saves time, but also money, by enabling stock to be rationalised so that costs are reduced and profits increased. The ability that it gives firms to easily review their entire stock, in real time, means that more informed decisions can be made on the basis of which items are popular and profitable, and which aren’t. As a result, companies can avoid the problem of product lines that are difficult to sell without being heavily discounted, while also making life easier for their warehouse operatives and projecting an efficient, professional and dependable image to customers.

For more information about how the K8 distributor software vastly improves a company’s handling of this instrumental part of the distribution chain, simply visit www.kerridgecs.com.

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