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K8 and K-Cloud remove the need for firms to run their own IT systems

Developments such as cloud computing software, as well as the adoption of more flexible working practices that stray some distance from the usual weekday ‘9 to 5’, have made clear many of the ways in which a wide range of industries can be more competitive. Companies have increasingly sought to outsource certain tasks, and the K8 software and K-Cloud system-hosting services offered by Kerridge Commercial Systems have played their part in this change.

With its focus on streamlining every aspect of a company’s management, finance, trading and logistics, the K8 business intelligence software has been a revelation in the distributive trades, benefitting wholesalers, distributors, merchants and retailers. Today’s competitive and dynamic market demands greater flexibility than ever before from such firms, which have found that the K8 software has introduced such flexibility across their sourcing, service, stock and sales. It is a powerful and versatile solution that has allowed distributive firms to keep their services responsive and their prices competitive.

Where it was once the case that companies would seek to accomplish this by investing in and managing server and network infrastructure of their own, over which they could have maximum control, many now prefer to relieve themselves of such responsibilities to concentrate fully on their core businesses. That, however, leaves the need for a complete, tailored solution for the distributive trades, incorporating the likes of e-commerce solutions, warehouse management and system administration capabilities - in short, a single integrated solution like K8.

The K8 software removes much of the stress associated with the day-to-day operation of a distributive firm, having been designed by seasoned sector experts that know exactly what is required in terms of visibility, flexibility and control. The system is easy to use, incorporates readily with a firm’s existing operations and offers true reliability.

K8 Business Intelligence includes three KPI dashboards that incorporate a number of standard information displays and options, ready to be fine-tuned in accordance with the most specialised business needs. The high scalability of the K8 software makes it a sound long-term option for ambitious firms, while it also embraces the increasing importance to business efficiency of mobile computing, with transport drivers being able to access all of their required information in real-time from their smartphones and handheld devices. Handheld computers can also be used in conjunction with K8 warehouse management systems to make the most of the major opportunities to enhance efficiency in this area.

Contact Kerridge Commercial Systems (www.kerridgecs.com) today for more information on how its business intelligence solutions can improve your company’s operational efficiency and profit.

Categories: Cloud / SaaS, Distribution

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