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Is your company effectively managing its cash and margins?

Cash and margin control has never been more important than now, when stable but effective private sector business growth has become all the more imperative in the light of the faltering UK and overseas economy. However, many distributive organisations consistently fail to ensure 21st century standards of efficiency as they seek to buy and sell at better prices and streamline their operations. Success in this area depends on effective control of your business processes, which can be improved by supply chain management solutions such as those provided by Kerridge Commercial Systems.

Whether you're a wholesaler, distributor, retailer or merchant, our K8 software provides you with an overview of the entire supply chain, from the ordering of stock, through to the replenishment of warehouse products and delivery to the customer. Making this whole process more efficient means that all-important cash flows more easily. K8’s purchase order control functionality is no less all-encompassing, with the visibility that it provides for everything from contract terms and forecasting to rebates and schedules.

Another vital element of K8 for any distributive business with an eye on maximising profit margins is the incorporated sales order processing software that allows for quotations, transactions and payments to take place at a quicker pace than ever before, with no sacrifice in accuracy. With customers likely to expect a swift and hitch-free service, your busy employees can ensure zero disappointment, not least as they’ll have more time to face customers in the first place. With product and customer information quickly identified by staff, and with product picking, despatch and delivery all integrated, customers will be more likely to recommend your firm to others, further boosting your margins.

K8 also includes another vital module, beneath the supply chain management banner: stock management software, which allows you to more tightly control stock, purchases, sales, replenishments and movements. On a central as well as a branch level, users discover that they can easily access, interpret and utilise vital information on stock levels. This stock rationalisation means that customers are more likely to find their chosen product available. It is part of a wider, consistently effective process for optimising cash and ensuring that the control of margins is as tight as possible. Vital information is captured and audited for management review, while the complete picture that the software provides also better informs decision making.

Contact Kerridge Commercial Systems when you need to find warehouse management software and other solutions that are integral to the leaner operation of your business, to the end of much improved cash and profit margins.

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