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In simple terms, how we can help to revolutionise your business

Sometimes the businesses that can benefit the most from Kerridge Commercial Systems’ business intelligence and up to date K8 software, such as industrial merchants, plumbers, builders or small businesses, are unaware of how they could benefit from the available services. This is a simple and easy to follow guide to how any business may benefit from the Kerridge Commercial Systems services.

Telephone – computer software integration

Kerridge Commercial Systems can ensure that phone systems are connected to customer databases and sales order processing software, and that incoming calls are linked to customer accounts, so that staff can easily discuss details of any transaction or query with clients and make calls with just the click of a button.

IT support and equipment

The company can provide a complete setup and ongoing support service for all your relevent computer needs, from supplying and installing computers, hardware and software, to helping you create databases, accounts, monitoring your whole network, and much more. Ongoing computer support is only a call away, and provided by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team.

K8 and other software

Kerridge Commercial Systems can install whichever software will improve your business and help you to utilise it to your best advantage. It tailors each package to each customer, so whether it’s point of sale software, warehouse or stock management software, or a whole package of specifically designed software such as builders merchant software, Kerridge Commercial Systems can help to replace old or impractical systems.

Servers, hosting and much more

In addition to providing excellence in tailor designed large or small business software, the company can provide a complete server facility for your business, with state of the art servers housed in a secure facility and offering the most up to date technology, including protection from power failure and other risks associated with server malfunction. Deals include pro-active server support and hosting facilities. All server and hosting facilities can be fully explained to all clients, and all customers enter into a service understanding every part of their package.

Disaster recovery

Having Kerridge Commercial Systems on hand is a great advantage when faced with a disaster such a fire, flood or burglary. Although clients take great care not to expose themselves to such risks uneccesarily, and may feel that having adequate insurance in place is enough, often it is the IT and systems damage that creates the biggest and longest lasting problem. Kerridge Commercial Systems can manage the whole process of system and data recovery, leaving you and your staff to work on stock, buildings, staff and the numerous other aspects of dealing with a crisis.

Printing and postage

Sometimes printing off and mailing post and other paperwork is a large part of the day for certain staff. Some secretaries or accounts clerks spend a few hours every day just printing off batches of invoices, advertisements or invitations. Kerridge Commercial Systems recognises that this can create a high wage expenditure for small businesses, and as a solution can provide a printing plan and mailing service for very reasonable rates. This convenience can free up staff for more important jobs to move a business forwards.

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