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How K8 can help multi-site businesses beat the recession

For any business manager or director, the recent recession and predicted double dip is a cause for major concern. Very few industries are immune to the effects of a restricted economy, and most companies are taking steps to prevent redundancies, branch closures or even the dissolution of the business. Kerridge Commercial Systems has created an extensive new business intelligence software package that can revolutionise multi-site businesses and make monitoring all aspects of performance easy.

Being able to assess each individual branch, product or even staff member from one location may help to highlight areas of concern before they become liabilities. K8 provides instant access, for staff with the correct authorisation, to company-wide warehouse management software that can track individual product lines and sales, stock levels or transfers, as well as the history of the product right across every branch. This allows any products without a customer base, or with a neglected customer base, to be promoted or assessed for removal before stock piles up.

The ability to check on and monitor key employees such as sales staff is essential when businesses are pressed on wages and employment rates. Being able to quickly identify poor performance or issues through business intelligence software and offer retraining or assistance makes working relations more efficient, communication easier and problems clearer.

For any manager, it is essential to have a good grasp on how their individual branch or area is performing in relation to the rest of the company, and how product lines or services compare to one another. Monitoring and appraising staff is also key, as is assessing delivery routes, customer bases, ordering habits and any dips or peaks in trade. If everyone within a business can access information that is collated instantly across the company, it is easier for any staff member to identify issues or have creative business ideas.

Most multi-site businesses could benefit from using K8 business intelligence software and its ability to integrate customer databases and details into one Contact Relationship Management (CRM) resource which is accessible company-wide. Sales or distribution staff are able to quickly see when a new customer has been in touch, and assess any potential for further sales, any contact that needs to be made or any distribution or delivery issues. Monitoring customer complaints or comments is easier with K8, and can offer a way of monitoring customer care and service levels throughout the company. Seeing that a certain customer has raised an issue more than once, or that a few complaints all mention the same product or member of staff, is a great way to pick up on minor problems before they affect business.

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