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How can solutions from Kerridge Commercial Systems help your company?

Effective Stock Management

Stock management software can enable an organisation to simplify stock management processes and keep track of the costs associated with holding stock. The K8 stock management software from Kerridge Commercial Systems incorporates a stock management system, which will help to aid the smooth running of the control of stock, including sales and replenishments.

You can also save your organisation valuable time and effort with the K8 sales order processing software, which simplifies the process of looking up products. As a result, cash sales can be processed quickly and efficiently, which will keep customers happy. The sales order processing software also frees up time to concentrate on providing excellent customer service, which is imperative in ensuring repeat business. The sales order processing software includes EPOS software and point of sale software.

Seamless Purchase Order Control

In addition, the K8 system also offers purchase order control which ensures that levels of stock are maintained at all times. It also has the ability to distribute purchase orders quickly and efficiently, with minimal hassle. The system will help to ensure the smooth delivery of goods to customers at the time and location they have specified, which will maintain high levels of loyalty and the ongoing business of customers.

If the main substance of your business takes place in a warehouse, or if this is something you are looking to introduce in the future, the warehouse management system will help to support this. The functionality includes the maintenance of stock levels and the quick processing of sales orders. The computerised procedures of the warehouse management system will ensure all of the activities of the warehouse, including shipping and picking, will run smoothly and efficiently.

Powerful Trading Tools

The K8 general ledger system can be used alongside the K8 Trading System, allowing transactional processing, where data can be easily accessed and summarised. It enables simple navigation and a seamless process. In addition, the K8 e-commerce system can help increase the competitiveness of your organisation by improving your internet presence and helping you to achieve higher sales. You can enjoy the benefits of a standard website, which will provide you with the tools necessary to market your products in a simple and cost effective process.

If you want to analyse data quickly, in order to ensure the smooth running of your organisation, the K8 Business Intelligence Application will support this process and help save you time and effort. You may also want to make use of the Electronic Data Interchange, which allows data to be transmitted electronically within the organisation, diminishing the need for manual processes.

All of the distributor software options detailed above are available as part of K8 Mobile, which allows you to access applications from your smartphone, whether it be your Blackberry, iPhone or similar device.

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