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First-time fix rates help to drive customer satisfaction

First-time fix rates help to drive customer satisfaction

It’s an obvious core strategy to ensure that your customers are as happy as can be with both the service you offer, and, the products you deliver. You and your workforce know this, and will be targeted to ensure that the perception of the company is held in high regard.

However, in this climate of complaint and social media, maintaining a 100% happy client base can be nigh on impossible, particularly within field service operations. To maintain a positive and profitable business, you need to ensure the machine is well-oiled. There are a number of sticking points to having field-based service staff, not least understanding where they are at any given time to answer time critical call outs by the most efficient route possible.



Ensuring the business is operating in the most efficient manner will always be a goal to strive for. By investing in a good Field Service Management software solution you can drive efficiencies from head office. Everything from optimum routing, number of calls achieved, time to completion and first-time-fix rates will be visible for analysis. Where required, service management software will also integrate with backroom systems to ensure parts inventory is available to enable issue resolution on the spot, or at least in a timely manner. Having information and parts at the operatives fingertips enables them to be a positive face to your business; giving clear information to the customer makes them feel involved, and fixes on the first visit will always raise their perception of the company. Happy customers equals happy management when accompanied by efficient working practices.


Customer Satisfaction

Common sense would suggest that a first time fix will have a direct correlation to customer satisfaction, and this is backed up by research and analysis. When faced with a breakdown in a required or taken for granted service such as heating, vehicle or any other service. No one wants disruption to the services we all rely on and take for granted, and if any issue can be fixed quickly and on the first visit then the customer will always be pleased with the efficiencies of your company. Where this can be achieved the customers are more likely to do your marketing for you through positive recommendation on social media, forum sites or trade recommendation sites. To increase the propensity for first-time fixes, there are a number of aspects of the service which need to coordinate. From availability of parts, expertise of the field service operative, timeliness of arrival, and availability of information, each plays its part in creating a positive outcome from a negative situation. 


The Solution

The integration software that encompasses the Field Service Management solution enables your business to maintain efficiencies in route management, call time and fix time information, parts ordering and optimum stock control, financial billing from head office, and first time fix rate analysis. When all of these aspects are working together the benefits are felt by the customer, and repeat business is far more likely, ensuring your business continues to grow and thrive. 



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