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ERP Solutions from Kerridge CS: Improving Business Process Through Integration

The K8 system developed by Kerridge Commercial Systems is one of the market-leading ERP solutions. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a fully integrated, multi-module application software package which helps improve business processes. K8 provides high-level ERP solutions for companies looking to increase efficiency and encourage communication between departments.

It could be argued that integration is the key to successful ERP solutions. Integrating all company departments and functions through a single software package such as K8 allows different areas of a business to share information freely. A software solution which can assist the finance department, the warehouse and the human resources department all at the same time tightens up business processes and improves efficiency across the board.

There are some core ways in which ERP solutions such as the K8 system can improve operations. First, there’s the integration of financial information, allowing an accurate fiscal overview of the entire organisation rather than collating data from individual departments. K8 provides this overview, acting as business intelligence software. Then there’s customer order integration. K8 centralises customer order information, from customer account details and back orders to pending orders and invoice information. This is then integrated into stock and warehouse management to ensure accurate stock levels, all within one software solution.

All of these benefits directly impact the smooth running of the organisation, ultimately aiding the company where it matters: the bottom line. Once you improve the communication within a company, integrate its departmental processes, and improve efficiency overall, that company will see the results in its P&L.

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