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Enterprise Resource Planning solution from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS)

ERP Solution from Kerridge Commercial Systems

With the increasing requirement for efficient, systems and fast simple service, it is no surprise that one of the most important technological offerings to a growing business is Enterprise Resource Planning software.

Why should you invest in ERP software?

Very often as a business starts to grow, it engages simple systems to manage separate functions of the business. Whether that is accountancy based or logistics based depends on the type of business. However, there can come a point where the systems that once worked so well are no longer facilitating success but rather holding the company back. This is the point a company will turn to an ERP software package which will enable accurate planning and forecasting and take the company forward.

Very often ERP software comes in a modular format which can be taken as a whole or in sections to cover the most suitable sections for the individual business. By individualising the ERP package it will make jobs easier and provide more time to ensure smooth running with all parties working to a mutually beneficial end. The jigsaw nature of the modular ERP solutions means that all parts of the business from sourcing of materials through to the sales to the end user can be mapped,  creating synergies and highlighting where greater efficiencies can be made.

ERP software solutions usually encompass facilities for product lifecycle management, supply chain management, including purchasing, manufacture, distribution and warehouse management. Overlaying these functions are also modules for customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, financial systems and decision support systems. This is joined up thinking at its best by creating the information trail from the sourcing of product components through the manufacture process, distribution and into the receipts of purchase from the customer. The importance of true, real time, end to end data that can be viewed in user friendly reports without having to approach different departments individually for a manual report is invaluable for the business owner forecasting for the years ahead. Cycles of purchasing are easily distinguished, enabling product to be where it needs to be when it is in demand. This is particularly important in seasonal offerings. The knock on effects of benefits shown by the installation of a customised ERP solution can then be used to gain greater bargaining power in third party contracts, efficiencies in warehousing and distribution, a greater understanding of your customers’ habits and preferences. All these things work towards an efficient and successful business.

There are many ERP software offerings on the market and all represent a significant investment in the long term future of the business. As such it is important to choose the right ERP software solution for your business. We believe that what sets our company apart is the team we have working on your behalf. We have a plethora of experience, not just in the service end of industry. Many staff members also have significant expertise in the client side too. This industry experience helps us understand the importance of ensuring the system fits your business operationally. K8 Manufacturing and K8 Field Service are industry specific solutions tailored to make the most positive changes to the way your business operates.

For your step up to a more streamlined and efficient company get a quote or advice from Kerridge Commercial Systems. You won’t be disappointed. 



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