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Choose the right hardware provision, installation and maintenance services

For all of the renown of Kerridge Commercial Systems as a provider of the complete software solution for distributors, merchants, retailers and wholesalers, the company’s distributive sector knowledge has also taught it the importance of a host of associated services if its clients are to cut costs, boost operational efficiency and improve customer experience. This has inspired the creation of an extensive range of ongoing ‘K-Series’ support services to help clients to extract the maximum value from their K8 supply chain management solutions.

It may simply be the case that the client wishes to take advantage of the Gold, Silver or Bronze levels of ongoing support of either a business or technical nature that the Kerridge Commercial Systems helpdesk can provide directly. Alternatively, there may be more specific technical services that the client wishes to request, such as web hosting, digital signature capture or even secure cloud computing solutions for business systems servers, the latter service especially in keeping with the wider trend for the cost-effective outsourcing of services and/or infrastructure.

Also signalling the greatly positive impact that the right outsourcing can have on the bottom line of a distributive business are Kerridge Commercial Systems’ customised hardware provision and maintenance services. Computer systems, after all, may be absolutely central to the effective operation of almost any business, but they can also consume time, resources and skills that a distributor or merchant may prefer inexpensive external experts to bear some responsibility for. Such professionals are close at hand at Kerridge Commercial Systems, both supplying and supporting the best-suited hardware for the many clients of the K8 stock management software.

Distributive firms that invest in hardware supply, installation and maintenance services from Kerridge Commercial Systems can rest easy in the knowledge that they are receiving solutions that have been tailored for their corporate requirements, by a seasoned and astute team that understands the day-to-day challenges faced by this sector’s sales and back office employees. Much as the K8 solution can assist in the management of margins and help to build profits, so K-Services like hardware provision and maintenance can further help by reducing capital outlay and making operational costs more predictable.

In many ways, it is simply the peace of mind that is brought by hardware provision and maintenance services that is most useful. Business owners no longer have to fret about the possibility of financially damaging server downtime or inefficiency when their system is being monitored for availability and continuity on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis. It’s all overseen by the best-placed experts who can take prompt corrective action, with even hardware upgrades being taken care of, on-site, as part of a wider service for the ongoing protection of a company’s trading systems.

Get in touch with Kerridge Commercial Systems now to discover more about the benefits of its system administration software and other solutions.

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