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Any Customer, Any Device

Making it easy for customers to buy

What are the key things you need to do in order to provide a smooth experience for those customers who not only shop via mobile, but also swap between devices?

94% of marketers say that customer experience is the number one priority, and 40% of retail and trade supplies customers start and end their purchases on different devices.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be an operational headache. Following the steps below will get you ahead of the competition and give you competitive strength.

  1. Comprehensive – but simple. Don’t view mobile as a “lite” version of your e-commerce. Make sure your customers can access the same features, item information, and order process on mobile. Accessing their account information should be as comprehensive as the desktop experience, but the number of clicks should be reduced and screen layouts simplified.

  2. Remember - your customers are always on the go, on site, in the car, running around from one place to the other. You can make their lives easier by making sure your system remembers what’s in their basket across multiple devices and sessions. You should also plan to promote products they have purchased before to increase basket size and to add value for the customer.

  3. Real time availability. Providing a comprehensive picture means that real time availability is crucial. Your customers are making promises to their customers, and you don’t want to be the reason they let them down. It is essential to make sure you have what they need, when they need it.

  4. One touch payments. Your customers are likely to be in a hurry. Providing access to one touch payments, such as PayPal, makes it easy and fast for them to place the order.

Coming up:

Our next publication focuses on practical steps to help you achieve a full service environment for your customers. Please email marketing@kerridgecs.com with any questions or comments.


Kerridge Commercial Systems delivers fully integrated trading and management solutions to all sizes of trade supplies merchants, such as Howden’s Joinery, MKM Building Supplies, Tileflair and Ceramic Tile Warehouse. Kerridge Commercial Systems provides help and advice on helping merchants improve the customer experience in order to increase profitability.

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